wysiwyg editor Magento Custom Module

wysiwyg editor Magento Custom Module

Step 1 – Go to app/code/local/Webkul/Faq/Block here webkul is namespace and faq is module name , under your _prepareLayout() function add this code

Then go to app/code/local/Webkul/Faq/Block/Adminhtml/Faq/Edit/Tab
and add following code in your _prepareForm() function below your setform() . $this->setForm($form);

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  • adesh

    in the fieldset if we use another name except body this is not showing the value of content

    • hey adesh

      editor run in an iframe. and all the content like buttons and text area of editor are in in page that called in iframe. and the content of that editor with in the body part of that page. that’s by we use body to specify the area in which content raised

  • Hi,
    I do what you have mention above but editor is not showing it gives js error Error: tinyMceWysiwygSetup is not defined
    Please say the solution.

    • hey rudra,

      first check that you haven’t disable the editor from admin panel..
      and still you are getting the same error then check the js paths that are defined in page.xml
      is they are right…

      let me know if you find the same problem


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