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  First you need to check whether the user or data is exits or not. then you can perform the update and insert operation. $this->db->where(‘user_id’,$id); $q = $this->db->get(‘profile’); if ( $q->num_rows() > 0 ) { $this->db->where(‘user_id’,$id); $this->db->update(‘profile’,$data); } else { $this->db->set(‘user_id’, $id); $this->db->insert(‘profile’,$data); }   There is one more way by using mysql query $query […]

Suppose you have approx 1000 image files for download, then here is a command to download all them. Create a text file named it urls.txt enter all urls each url in a new line type WGET -i urls.txt in your terminal WGET -i urls.txt

Codility brackets opening closing. codility brackets opening closing. codility you are given a string s consisting of n brackets opening problem solution. function isBalanced($str){ $count = 0; $ocount = 0; $ccount = 0; $length = strlen($str); for($i = 0; $i < $length; $i++){ if($str[$i] == ‘(‘) $ocount += 1; else if($str[$i] == ‘)’) $ccount += […]

Hey, Today we learn how to send push notification for android in php. First create a class with following code   <?php class Pusher{ const GOOGLE_GCM_URL = ‘’; private $apiKey; private $proxy; private $output; public function __construct($apiKey, $proxy = null) { $this->apiKey = ‘your_key’; $this->proxy = $proxy; } /** * @param string|array $regIds * @param […]

Email template optimization tools

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  Here is the list of email templates optimization tools. Remember to exclude media query if you have for responsive design. They will not work properly if inline. Some time might face a problem that your responsive design is not working on some of the email clients. The reason might be of character limit. The […]

Configure ejabberd xmpp ubuntu server     After facing so many issues and investing so many hours I write below steps for configure ejabberd. In first tourial we learn how to configure ejabbere on AWS EC 2 Ubuntu server. In second tutorial we will configure it with mysql. Step 1: First Update Ubuntu Server  with […]

Joomla Last Database Query     Joomla last database query.As we all know it is a bit difficult to find last executed query in CMS. because there are lots of internal trigger and threads are running. But there is a simple way to find last database query in joomla.     The Query Joomla’s database […]

unzip folder files using php code some time you want to extract files from a zip on a website but you didn’t have sufficient rights or cpanel to extract that , you have on;y ftp details only in that case you need a code to extract that zip. following can help you to do that. […]