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google translate selected language 0

google translate selected language

google translate selected language   A very common problem is to add google translator with already selected language which can be fix by the following code. [crayon-5ba5ed033ddb4847706065/]

validation of number in javascript 0

validation of number in javascript

validation of number in javascript function check_number() { var number=document.getElementById(“mobileno”).value; if(isNaN(number)) { alert(“number only”); return false; } else { return true; } }

dynamically add uploading buttons 0

dynamically add uploading buttons

onclick multiple file uploading button,dynamically add uploading buttons <script> var i=6; function generateRow1() { if(i>35) { alert(“no more files are upload”); } else{ var d=document.getElementById(“div1″); d.innerHTML+=”<p><input type=’file’ name=’foods”+i+”‘ size=’6’>”; i++; return false; } return...

javascript for detect browser 0

javascript for detect browser

javascript for detect browser <script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript”> var nVer = navigator.appVersion; var nAgt = navigator.userAgent; var browserName = navigator.appName; var fullVersion = ”+parseFloat(navigator.appVersion); var majorVersion = parseInt(navigator.appVersion,10); var nameOffset,verOffset,ix; // In Opera, the true...