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Push notification Android Php 0

Push notification Android Php

Hey, Today we learn how to send push notification for android in php. First create a class with following code   <?php class Pusher{ const GOOGLE_GCM_URL = ‘https://android.googleapis.com/gcm/send’; private $apiKey; private $proxy; private $output;...

quick seo (A SEO guide ) 8

quick seo (A SEO guide )

quick seo (A SEO guide ) In this guide you can learn how increase traffic on your site… search-engine-optimization-starter-guide

mysql queries 0

mysql queries

mysql queries 1. Add column age and desg in emp_prof table. Mysql> use profile; Mysql>alter table emp_prof add column age int; Mysql> alter table emp_prof add column desg char(10); 2. Update all records of...

Add module in artical in joomla 0

Add module in artical in joomla

Add module in artical in joomla To insert a module inside an article, use the {loadposition xx} command, as follows: Create a module and set its position to any value that doesn’t conflict with...