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export database table by php

Posted: 30th December 2015 by admin in mysql, php
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export database table php Sometime there is need to export database table by php code. There is a very simple approach to do this.     /*******EDIT LINES 3-8*******/ $DB_Server = “localhost”; //MySQL Server $DB_Username = “”; //MySQL Username $DB_Password = “”; //MySQL Password $DB_DBName = “”; //MySQL Database Name $DB_TBLName = “tablename”; //MySQL Table […]

Joomla Last Database Query     Joomla last database query.As we all know it is a bit difficult to find last executed query in CMS. because there are lots of internal trigger and threads are running. But there is a simple way to find last database query in joomla.     The Query Joomla’s database […]

mysql queries 1. Add column age and desg in emp_prof table. Mysql> use profile; Mysql>alter table emp_prof add column age int; Mysql> alter table emp_prof add column desg char(10); 2. Update all records of emp_prof.(desg= actn,officer) Mysql> use profile; Mysql>update emp_prof set age=24,desg=’officer’ where emp_id=101; Mysql>update emp_prof set age=21,desg=’actn’ where emp_id=102; (follow above queries for […]