remove svn files folder using php

remove svn files folder using php

remove svn files folder using php

remove all svn files and folder using php

some time we forget to export a project on svn and upload that on main server. Result , our main server now have svn file and folders folders. if we want to delete them we have to delete them one by one (if your svn version is old) or we have to upload a new copy of project by exporting project using SVN. It may take a quit long time. So here is the alternate. By using this code you can delete all svn files and folders at once.

$path = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/work/remove-svn-php/'; // path of your directory 
header( 'Content-type: text/plain' ); // plain text for easy display

// preconditon: $dir ends with a forward slash (/) and is a valid directory
// postcondition: $dir and all it's sub-directories are recursively
// searched through for .svn directories. If a .svn directory is found,
// it is deleted to remove any security holes. 
function removeSVN( $dir ) {
    //echo "Searching: $dirnt";

    $flag = false; // haven't found svn directory
    $svn = $dir . '.svn';

    if( is_dir( $svn ) ) {
        if( !chmod( $svn, 0777 ) )
            echo "File permissions could not be changed (this may or may not be a problem--check the statement below).nt"; // if the permissions were already 777, this is not a problem

        delTree( $svn ); // remove the .svn directory with a helper function

        if( is_dir( $svn ) ) // deleting failed
            echo "Failed to delete $svn due to file permissions.";
            echo "Successfully deleted $svn from the file system.";

        $flag = true; // found directory

    if( !$flag ) // no .svn directory
        echo 'No .svn directory found.';
    echo "nn";

    $handle = opendir( $dir );
    while( false !== ( $file = readdir( $handle ) ) ) {
        if( $file == '.' || $file == '..' ) // don't get lost by recursively going through the current or top directory

        if( is_dir( $dir . $file ) )
            removeSVN( $dir . $file . '/' ); // apply the SVN removal for sub directories

// precondition: $dir is a valid directory
// postcondition: $dir and all it's contents are removed
// simple function found at
function delTree( $dir ) {
    $files = glob( $dir . '*', GLOB_MARK ); // find all files in the directory

    foreach( $files as $file ) {
        if( substr( $file, -1 ) == '/')
            delTree( $file ); // recursively apply this to sub directories
            unlink( $file );

    if ( is_dir( $dir ) ){
                //echo $dir;
               // die;
        rmdir( $dir ); // remove the directory itself (rmdir only removes a directory once it is empty)


// remove all .svn directories in the 
// current directory and sub directories 
// (recursively applied)

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